A Klingon and a whole family of supers


I have many geeky passions, but my favorites are Star Trek and Superman.

At work, I have a Klingon-warrior action figure alongside a Man of Steel statue. On my home-office walls, I have one framed Time cover of James Tiberius Kirk and Jean-luc Picard, and another depicting Superman in commemoration of the the character’s 50th anniversary.

Yep, these are my nerd essentials.

So I was delighted to recently discover that my neighbors include a Klingon warrior and a whole friggin’ family of supers.

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A tribute to my two Fawcett-family buds


This site has become a shoutouts-to-pals blog in recent days (see my three previous posts), which has been fun … so I will keep going.

Here, I’m focusing on two talented friends of mine who are related.

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How a Swedish lawn game saved a man


I’d  never heard of kubb, a lawn game of Swedish extraction, until reading about it in a new book by local Internet guru Garrick van Buren.

Garrick educates readers about the cool game, but “Rebuilding Blocks” isn’t just about that.

He also describes how the game helped him recalibrate an impossibly busy, badly prioritized, depression-tinged professional life that was slowly destroying him.

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Patrick Rhone’s new book: It could help


Patrick Rhone is, trust me, the kind of guy you want sitting across from you at a cafe when you need a bit of advice on life, the universe and everything.

I have had the pleasure many times, but if that tragically isn’t an option for you, I have the next best thing.

Patrick has a new book out, “This Could Help.”

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