Leo Laporte mentions me, and vice-versa

Technology podcaster Leo Laporte mentioned me and my Facebook feed in passing while discussing the social network’s ever-mysterious algorithm with Robert Scoble and other “This Week in Tech” panelists on Sunday.

Coincidentally, I mentioned Laporte in a Sunday Pioneer Press article.

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Little girls raid our yard for ‘Frozen’ fests

IMG_20140815_170155 (1)

I’ve wanted to do outdoor movie nights with a projector and screen for five years, ever since my wife and I moved from our St. Paul high-rise condo into a single-family dwelling with a big back yard.

For one reason or another — including several summers filled with home-improvement projects — we never got around to it.

Then, this month, we were mulling a follow-up to an epic party we hosted in June. That was the biggest bash we had ever thrown, and thinking about how to top it made our heads hurt.

Then it dawned on us: Let’s not even try. Instead of organizing an adult gathering, we decided to focus on kids and build an equally epic — but very different — event around them.

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I join Joiner’s MacJury to talk new iPhones

I joined Chuck Joiner’s MacJury not long ago, along with two other panelists, to discuss rumors and speculation about (and our hopes for) Apple’s upcoming, likely-soon-to-be-announced iPhone models.

Good times … but note to self: Position the laptop higher to ward off the dreaded double-chin effect.

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I meet amazing humans at a block party


I am a classic introvert, so I find socializing to be a bit alarming and exhausting.

I am glad a made the effort at a block party in my neighborhood for National Night Out yesterday, however. I was mildly petrified at the outset, as usual, but ended up having a blast.

My wife (who, unlike the hubby, is a social animal) and I met amazing folks.

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My porch becomes a summer workspace


Our house has an extra-large front porch, and this has been a blessing during the summer.

My wife and I have practically lived out there, catching up our reading, chatting with friends, and splitting a beer every so often at dusk (we can’t hold our liquor so a half-brewski each is plenty). We’ve set up big, comfy chairs, and I will sometimes take a nice nap on one of those.

I have also wanted to work on the porch, but creating the right kind of workstation proved to be a challenge. Comfort and minimalism are key, so I had to pick out the pieces carefully.

This week, I finally pulled everything together.

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