I join Joiner’s MacJury to talk new iPhones

I joined Chuck Joiner’s MacJury not long ago, along with two other panelists, to discuss rumors and speculation about (and our hopes for) Apple’s upcoming, likely-soon-to-be-announced iPhone models.

Good times … but note to self: Position the laptop higher to ward off the dreaded double-chin effect.

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I meet amazing humans at a block party


I am a classic introvert, so I find socializing to be a bit alarming and exhausting.

I am glad a made the effort at a block party in my neighborhood for National Night Out yesterday, however. I was mildly petrified at the outset, as usual, but ended up having a blast.

My wife (who, unlike the hubby, is a social animal) and I met amazing folks.

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My porch becomes a summer workspace


Our house has an extra-large front porch, and this has been a blessing during the summer.

My wife and I have practically lived out there, catching up our reading, chatting with friends, and splitting a beer every so often at dusk (we can’t hold our liquor so a half-brewski each is plenty). We’ve set up big, comfy chairs, and I will sometimes take a nice nap on one of those.

I have also wanted to work on the porch, but creating the right kind of workstation proved to be a challenge. Comfort and minimalism are key, so I had to pick out the pieces carefully.

This week, I finally pulled everything together.

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Israeli musical ‘Kazablan’ now on Amazon


Kazablan,” one of my favorite movies and childhood memories, is sort of an Israeli take on “West Side Story.”

I despaired for decades at finding a “Kazablan” DVD to own, but the movie recently popped up on Amazon and I pounced.

I highly recommend “Kazablan” (and I say this as one who isn’t all that crazy about musicals). The tunes stay with you and so do the characters.

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I hate dentist visits, but I love my dentist


I don’t love going to the dentist, but I do love my downtown-St. Paul dentist, Leroy Hipp. He’s the nicest of guys, which makes my dentist-chair ordeals bearable. He’s very good at his job.

Then there are the little touches.

For instance, Dr. Hipp celebrates patients’ half-century birthdays in a special way: He will give each person a copy of the Life-magazine issue published on (or near) their dates of birth.

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