I talk ‘car sharing’ on MPR’s Daily Circuit

IMG_20130831_144258622I talked car sharing earlier this week on Minnesota Public Radio’s The Daily Circuit.

By “car sharing,” I largely mean services like Lyft and UberX that field fleets of citizen drivers. These supply their own wheels to earn extra money.

These services compete with traditional taxi companies, which don’t like them at all.

Cities such as Minneapolis have grappled with these newcomers, as well, sometimes insisting they be regulated like taxi companies. More …

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I have a grand and tech-y work adventure

I pulled a Pioneer Press weekend shift on Sunday, which is something all the newspaper’s reporters have to do several times per year. The prospect of this usually is underwhelming, but this time I had a … blast.

I was asked to go grab some quick smartphone footage of a big smokestack demolition not far from the paper’s digs in downtown St. More …

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Good times in freelance tech journalism


I’ve had an awesome few weeks in freelance tech writing (which I do in my time off from my day-job tech writing).

First, I’ve been writing for TidBITS, the highly respected Apple-enthusiast site and e-mail newsletter, which is one of the longest-running Internet publications.

I’m a huge TidBITS fan, so being a contributor is a big honor. The editors are among the best in tech journalism, too, and working with them in Google Docs and Trello is a lot of fun. More …

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Google thanks me … for thanking them

IMG 9973

Google has just thanked me for thanking them. Cue Barney! “I love you, you love me …”

All kidding aside, this is kind of cool.

I’m a big fan of Google Apps, largely because of their killer phone-based tech support, and I have said so on a number of occasions.

One of Google’s enterprise tech-support people noticed this and thanked me for my patronage … but that’s not all. More …

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I shoot a car-show opening with a phone

I shot this video the day before the 2014 Twin Cities Auto show opened.

I recorded all the footage on a Nokia Lumia Icon smartphone, which wasn’t as good as my regular Sony camcorder but did a not-bad job. More …

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My new book

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