Five Sundays, five biz cover stories by me

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As a technology writer on the Pioneer Press’ business desk, I’ve been on a bit of a hot streak in recent weeks.

Each Sunday newspaper has a standalone business section with a full-color cover. Each of those covers has a lengthy lead story.

For five weeks in a row, I wrote that lead story.

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I’m on Fast Horse tech and media panel

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What goes around, comes around.

An eon ago (well, it was 2008), I had the honor of speaking at the Fast Horse marketing agency in Minneapolis (see photos below).

The topic was the then-shiny-new Twitter. The occasion was my new (and first) book, “Twitter Means Business.”

“Despite massive stage fright,” I said in a post, which shows me clutching a pop for dear life, “I enjoyed this immensely.”

Fast-forward to the present, and I again got invited to be a speaker at Fast Horse (this time in my role as a Pioneer Press tech writer).

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Honoring Spock on the Minnov8 podcast


The death of Leonard Nimoy figured prominently among the discussion topics on today’s episode of the Minnov8 Gang Podcast, with yours truly as a guest co-host.

As usual, show co-host Steve Borsch whipped up with killer episode artwork that has a bit of fun at my expense. Nicely done, sir.

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Looking dorky in virtual-reality goggles


Is it possible to look dignified while wearing virtual-reality goggles? Maybe, but I definitely didn’t pull it off here.

This was research for a Pioneer Press story about Twin Cities-area virtual-reality activity in business and academia.

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