iPhone 6 Plus pictures of the fall colors


I took this photograph of St. Paul’s fall colors with Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus, and edited the image in Google+. It turned out wonderfully.

If you like this photo, I have lots more.

The weather was, improbably, in the 80s when I went on this photo walk.

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Interview subject flips roles, quizzes me

cst 45866 Egg music

I recently profiled a fantastic little Minneapolis company, Egg Music, that creates songs and scores for commercials, television shows and more.

One of Egg’s founders, Eric Fawcett, happens to be my neighbor, and a cool dude (that’s him on the right, with his partner John Hermanson).

So when he asked me if he could turn the tables and interview me for his dumbdrummer site and podcast, I was happy to oblige.

The conversation got pretty personal at times.

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May the Force be with you, summer ’14


Back-yard movies turned out to be a big deal at my house this summer.

We had two “Frozen” screenings for little girls, and a “Matrix” viewing for my teen-aged son and all of his friends.

For our film-season finale last night, we showed “The Phantom Edit.” This is a fan-modified version of the vile “Star Wars” film “The Phantom Menace” with clever deletions and other alterations to make the movie more palatable.

This was the perfect way to bid summer adieu, with a bunch of my supernerdy friends and acquaintances in attendance, on what turned out to be an unseasonably summery night. It was magical.

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Esme and I discuss Apple Watch, iPhone


Esme Murphy of WCCO Radio and I discussed upcoming Apple hardware products, including the Apple Watch and new iPhone 6 handsets.

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Presenting: ‘iJulio AppleWatch Interface’


Steve Borsch, one of eight local techies with whom I liveblogged Apple’s press event, came up with this doozy related to the Cupertino company’s just-announced smartwatch:

Don’t forget, everyone, to look for the new “iJulio” interface when the new Apple Watch debuts (yes, this is a joke).

Thanks, pal. Your Photoshop handiwork always cracks me up.


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